mississippi river flood watch 2011. may 2. 8 days to crest

3 May

Wow! What a day!! Osama Bin Laden and the flooding have consumed my day. Many news reports on both aspects have not allow my mind to escape either subject. We also were not able to escape the rain. Heavy to moderate rains pelted us all night last night and until about noon today. It’s currently 7:45pm and we are expecting rain all night tonight. During the break from the rain I walked Bailey down to the river and took more pictures of Greenbelt Park.

The south parking lot is now taking on water and is closed. I expect by morning it will be totally under water.

The south area of island is the main access to the island.  Its my understanding that the north side access will be the first to be underwater at approximately 45 to 46′. We’ll lose total access at the south side (main access) at approximately 48 feet. The new predictions are that the river will crest at 48′ on May 10th. According to the National Weather Service River Forecast System the river is at 42.1 feet as of 3:55pm today. Stuart and I and many of our neighbors feel that at 48 feet water will not be in our homes, we all just concerned that we will not have access to our homes. Anything above that and well, we’ll just have to see.

Round-about (main access) is to the left. South parking lot is behind me.

South parking lot

Standing on sidewalk at south parking lot. Round-about to my left

See picture from yesterday.

Back of our yard. From fence, again.

Another view, with the fence, hoping you can see the perspective.

Facing north

Flags measuring the rise of the water.


Another soap box, look at all the TRASH!!! Ugh!!! Another post for another day!

Patricia, if you're reading again today Island Park Apts are to the right.

North parking lot. See pictures from yesterday

North parking lot

Island Drive at Mud Island Drive at Island Park Apts. No water on the road yet.

Facing south.

Here is a link to one of our local news stations Action News 5 and a link to the Shelby County Office of Preparedness they have good maps regarding flood areas and road closings. From a definitive standpoint we (Mud Island) are flooded.

God is MIGHTY and in control. I continue to remind myself of that and that all I can do is prepare and pray. I’m definitely keeping all those that have already experienced detrimental effects from these catastrophes in my prayers. I’m praying for strength and hope for all those effected.


mississippi river flood watch 2011

1 May

In the past few weeks the weather in the south has been more than incredible. The storms in Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee have done way too much damage, and now we are on flood alert for a 100 year flood. As many of you know Stuart and I live on Mud Island, the “island”, and the Mississippi River flows beside our wonderful neighborhood. Many parts of Memphis are flooded as are parts of the island. This morning Stuart, Greg, and I went down to the river and around the neighborhood and took pictures of the rising waters. While we were out we ran into many neighbors taking photos as well and one woman made a good point, she said technically we are flooded. This morning the news said the river is at 41 feet and expected to crest at 45. I’m no river flooding expert but that’s only 5 more feet of rising. So from the looks of things I think our home will be ok and currently we’re not thinking that the water will get to our house. We’re more concerned that  access to the island will be cut off and we’ll either be stuck on or off the island.  Mostly I want my family to see these pictures and I hope they provide some comfort that we’re not under water. We are going to pack a bag and have some emergency idems on hand should we have to leave the house. Just say some prays. We are taking the flood seriously but Stuart and I think we’ll be safe.

Taken from our fence in the back of our yard. The water has a way to go to make it to the fence.


Another shot from the fence.


I'm standing on the sidewalk at the south parking lot of Greenbelt Park across from the roundabout.


South end of park. Sidewalk is up and to the right. Island Drive (access to the island) is to the right of the sidewalk.


Now I'm standing on the sidewalk near Island Drive, looking down at the river.


Still south end of park. Again, from sidewalk.


South end of park at the lower sidewalk, obviously closest to the river.


Now we're at the middle parking lot of the park. Facing the north end. The flooding is most impressive at the north end, the south end a close second.


North parking lot signs, completely under water. I'm standing at the water line.


North parking lot.


Boat ramp, parking lot is to the left of the photo.


North parking lot. I'm facing the south. Side walk is up on the left.



North parking lot.


I thought these boys were cute, throwing drift wood back into the river.


Mud Island Boat Ramp!!! Realllllyyyy?!



North end of Island Place. This road floods if it rains for two days, but it's seriously under water now! Obviously the road is closed.

 So, the water is obviously very high. We are staying on top of the news and are hoping the Corp and Coast Guard (located on the island) will keep us posted on the water levels and will give us fair warning of possible evacution.  Unfortunately it continues to rain and I’m not sure if that rainfall has been considered. God is the only one in control and I am  doing my best to trust Him.

quick update

25 Apr

Gosh, I have not blogged in forever and I’m missing it so much! I have so much to write about!! First, I want to post more pics from NYC and will asap! Stuart and I have been super busy!! He’s been turkey hunting…a lot… and bagged the biggest turkey ever on Saturday, I have a pic to post of that too. We’re also starting what I like to call Project 1154, reinventing our home decor. I want to post pics of the before! We plan to start painting soon! We’re also coming up on our First Anniversary! I told Stuart last night, we’ve almost made it through the “hardest” year of our marriage, the first. Haha, if that was hard, I’m so ready for the next 60!! We’re still not sure what we’re going to do to celebrate…Stuart wants to go camping…in a tent. We’ll see.

This coming weekend is our annual Crawfish Boil, and I’m so looking forward to hopefully beautiful weather and lots of fun. I’m helping my pal Sarah shoot a wedding too, which I’m super excited about!

There are lots of fun things happening in the Perkins household, but just not a lot of time to blog about it! Be looking for post about all the above as soon as I can find the time!!!

new york city

9 Apr

Luckily there are a million flights from Chicago to NYC daily and we were just changed to the next flight out which was at 11am instead of 10. We arrived in NYC around 2pm and took a ride to our hotel. I have to say it was the scariest “cab” ride ever! We actually think this guy was in the mob. Turns out he drives like every other driver in this city!

Ok, on to the good stuff. We wanted to save good shopping for Friday so we decided to have a cocktail and plan the rest of the trip. We went to Rockefeller Center, and I have to say the skating rink is WAY smaller than I thought. We had a drink, and then walked around for a bit just taking it all in. At 6 we heading to TriBeCa for dinner at Nobu. OK, seriously what we call sushi in the south is NOT sushi!!! OMG!!!! It was amazing!!! No celebrity sightings however 😦

The Bubble Lounge, in TriBeCa, is a cool vintage champagne bar that we went to next. We all tried fun champagne martinis and solved the worlds problems. I met two new friends. One was a girl from Georgia and one was the “entertainer” at the bar. Booby tassels and all.

We then took a cab ride back to the hotel, ate pizza with the CEO, and had a midnight stroll through Forever 21.

Here are a few pics to recap

your flight is delayed

7 Apr

Robin, Helen, Audra (the birthday girl), and me are all on our way to NYC!!!!! I’m so excited since I’ve never been and I’m going with the greatest group of girls. We’re going to have a blast!!!

However, pause, sigh, our flight has been delayed. Insert sarcastic smiley face here. Chicago has delayed our arrival there therefore we’re sitting on the Tarmac in Little Rock…hoping to make out Chicago connection!!

Robin and I…ready to go!!

grieving sucks

27 Mar

i’ve been sitting here reading a blog of my childhood friend who recently lost her fiance and i am so sad. it’s a cold, dreary day and stuart and i have spent it inside watching Alaska State Troopers and basketball. i decided to catch up on my blog reading and wanted to read my friend’s blog. i was so moved by her words. i was so sad for her pain. i cannot image. i’m looking at stuart, his blue eyes, beard and i’ve been annoyed multiple times today as he’s scratched his turkey call, but he’s here. her blog is grievingsucks.blogspot.com. if you read this i am so sorry for your incredible loss. thank you for your raw words. i hope to see you some day soon! i know your blog is helping you heal, but i am sure it is helping others too!

reading my friend’s words made me think of sarah too. gosh, i’ve had a lot of friends in pain. i also think of work. the PICU is a hard place to work.


praise God for the daffodils

11 Mar

A few weekends ago my parents came to Memphis for a visit. It was a nice relaxing time, so much so that when the sun actually came out for a couple of hours we took full advantage, taking our camping chairs to the one spot in our yard that was not shaded…and we sat, basking in the golden, glorious warmth. We drank a few beers, Stuart and Dad smoked a cigar, and we sat. (My mom is going to kill me for posting this pic!)

Oh my gosh I’m so ready for spring to get here!!!!!! I’m ready to sit on the patio in the mornings with my coffee. I love when it’s still a little crisp in the air but the sun is out and you know the day will warm up. I’m soooo ready! I’m ready to wear my sunglasses, open the sunroof, but still wear thin longsleeves. I love spring!!!

Praise God for the daffodils!!! They are a little reminder that spring really is on the way!!

A little off the subject:

One fun thing about my parents visit is they brought their dog, Greta. She is so so incredibly hilarous!!! She’s a tiny little thing, but loves Bailey and Charter!! Here is a pic of the funny little fur ball

Love you Greta girl!!!


Also….stay tuned a new post coming soon: stu’s brews and aly’s ales!!! can’t wait to share our new hobby!!

the night i met the pioneer woman

4 Mar

Yep, your looking at myself, Blair, and Sarah with none other than the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond!!! Last Friday we met her and she told us, “you guys are such cute girls!!!”. We had the best time!!

Ree made the trip all the way from her Oklahoma cattle ranch to Davis Kidd Bookstore in Memphis to promote her new book Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. None of us had ever been to a book signing so we all felt a little silly at first. Ree apparently did a reading from her new book, which was to occur at 6pm, we arrived right at 6pm but missed the reading somehow. 😦 Davis Kidd had released line tickets weeks in advance that were in alphabetical order. We picked up our tickets about a week ahead of time, which I recommend and will remember if I ever do this again…they were at letter “Q” when we left!  There were 25 tickets per letter and we were letter “F”, so we had some time to kill. Thanks goodness Davis Kidd has wine!!!! A couple of glasses later and we were in line to meet this awesome lady!!!! I was a brief but super fun moment!!

The Pioneer Woman was just as pretty in person as her pictures show and she dresses fabulous! However I was shocked at her accent!!! I guess being a “pioneer” woman I expected a little twang to her verbs, but nope…I’m such a Southern girl!!! In our 10 seconds with her, Ree signed our cookbooks (The Pionner Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl), took a quick pic, and we were off…giddy (nothing to do with the wine) and heading to a delicious dinner at Flight and some great girl time!

Sarah and Blair. Blair and I work together at Le Bonheur and I've met Sarah through Blair! Such sweet and wonderful people!

Ree Drummond, thank you so much for coming to Memphis!!!

Blair and Sarah, such a fun night!!! My wittle welk was dewishish!


i am obsessed

21 Feb


You know those things you did before you started dating, before you were married. You know how you lose those things and feel a little sad  about it. Movies were MY THING before I met Stuart and I feel a little sad that I’ve lost touch with Blockbuster, AMC, Turner Classics, and Fox Searchlight. Some of my favorites are anything Cameron Crowe: Vanilla Sky, Almost Famous, Jerry McGuire. Others: Good Will Hunting, any romantic comedy, Pure Country (of course…due to my love of George…although he’s a terrible actor but I still love him!). OH MAN the list could go on, and on. I love documetaries, period pieces, dramas…duh! I miss the movies. Stuart likes movies, like I “like” hunting shows. I can bare through a few and even enjoy others. Movies just aren’t his thing…until lately.

Last weekend we went to a friend’s house for pizza and wine and watched The Social Network. AWESOME! We loved it and Go Jessie Eisenberg!!!! However…the point of my post….we’ve finally joined the 21st Century and are now doing Netflix…and I’M OBSESSED!! Wednesday we’ll receive our next movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife. I read this book and still cannot believe that I haven’t seen the movie. Also we recently watched Crazy Heart, which Stuart loved :).  My goal is one movie a week. By doing this I hope to catch up on a lot of movies I’ve missed the last few years….many years. Others on our queue: 300, There Will Be Blood, The Hurtlocker, Avatar, The Departed, Born into Brothels, and The Last King of Scotland. Bring it on Netflix!!!

papa john’s guitar

14 Feb

Recently my dad brought me something that belong to his dad, Papa John. (Not the pizza guy)! Anyhow it’s a Gibson electric guitar that dates to the mid 60s.  I decided that it needed to become a part of my home, it’s old and beat up but it’s a part of my family’s history. I hung the guitar in our loft and each day I work at my computer it reminds me of Papa John. As a kid I remember going to Baytown, TX to visit him and my grandmother. Papa John was such a character!! I remember him playing this guitar and singing gospel songs. He loved Johnny Cash!! I remember how much he loved my brother and I! I remember some really random and weird things too…he had one long fingernail so he could play the guitar, he had a tattoo on his forearm of a woman leaning against a bar…he always told us it was my grandmother, but I’m not so sure she ever wore daisy dukes!!! So funny!!! Papa John passed away when I was 13 or 14, he was too young, and I wish we had more time with him. He was a good man, how could he not be…he raised my daddy!!!

Here are some picture of the guitar where is hangs now:

Missing a few strings

Papa John's guitar strap, I love it!!