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who will ali choose?!

28 Jul


Monday night are always difficult for me. Stuart hates The Bachelor/Bachelorette so I have to record and then watch on my next day off. I avoid all conversations related to the show or TV in general because I do not want to find out the results of the rose ceremony. (Pathetic I know). I usually get to watch the episode on Tuesday or Wednesday mornings…it’s my Today Show or  Good Morning America. I curl up with my coffee, remote in hand, and fast forward through the commericals. A two hour show usually winds up being an hour and a half…awesome.

I’ve watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette for the last um, 8 years and even though it’s ridiculous most of the time I’m so addicted. (The showed debuted in 2002 according to Wikipedia…can you believe it’s been THAT long?!).  I have much more faith in the bachelorettes rather than bachelors and I’ve really enjoyed this season with Ali. I cannot image travelling around the world on a reality show and trying to find love. I hope that they have had opportunities to leave the hotel and see the world but who knows, ABC may have them quarantined with only USA Today and beer.

 Next Monday is the final rose and Ali will choose her future husband. (If she doesn’t marry one of these guys I’ll be shocked!) With that being said, I’m super excited to post my first poll! This is going to be so fun for me!! Even if you haven’t watched the show just pick a guy!

I won’t go  into details of what has happened this season. (If you’re curious go to the blog . Here I want you to tell me who you think Ali will choose. I’m COMPLETELY torn and can see how she could fall in love with both of these guys (two timing beeoch!). Roberto is.. well, amazing. Amazingly hot, gorgeous, and hot. Chris L is sincere, sweet, and a family man. So who’s it going to be…

Cast your vote. I’ll reveal the results next tuesday after the rose 🙂


Chris L