everyone has this post

31 Jul

So…it’s been a while. About 6 months to be exact. I read several of your blogs and feel like each of you have had this post. Life’s been busy and blogging really hasn’t been on my radar. I so want it to be though!! (Especially since a lot of my family is not on Facebook).

Stuart and I have had a fun summer, just enjoying the laid back summer feel of Memphis. One thing I’ve really begun to appreciate this summer is well…my southern heritage. As cheesy as it sounds the hot, steamy, rainless days have been so nostolgic. I’ve been a frequent visitor of the Memphis Farmer’s Market since my grandmother’s and aunt’s fresh garden veggies aren’t a 20 min drive down the road. Tomatoes, peas, okra, OMG. We’ve had a multitude of BLT’s in these parts!! Oh, just takes me back home!

The thought of Southern summers just makes me smile. I’ve become a huge fan of Southern Living magazine (I know I’m a little late to the game) but my new fav is Garden & Gun.  Citizen Cope, one of my favorite bands, has a new album out and Southern Nights is one of the tracks and it’s dreamy. We’ve sat outside a few nights listening  to tunes, letting the dogs run around, sipping on a cold drink. Life has been good for us!

I am missing home though. My parent’s front porch, catching lightening bugs, and the attic fan…ahhhh…makes me want to take a back road.

We ran a couple of 5ks, one for Mamie’s Poppy Plates, we’ve watched Sam grow (he’s about 150lbs now…see my last post…he was 98lbs), we’ve eaten a lot of oysters, Stuart raced in a canoe down the Mississippi, we been to couple of concerts…Luke Bryan, James Taylor, and we’ll see Brad Paisley with The Band Perry and Easton Corban next month…and now we’re catching up the Olympics. Go USA and go all you southern guys and gals!



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