mississippi river flood 2011. may 9. ? days to crest

9 May

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day and instead of taking pictures of some of the small changes from Friday  I decided I was going to enjoy a stress free day. I sat in the backyard, read magazines (Elle Decor…since I’m starting a new project that I’ll introduce soon, Runner’s World, and Self), and I worked on a tan. Mom, I did wear SPF 30 and reapplied once. Stuart ran, trimmed the hedges, and took me to dinner. He told me I was being lazy, I told hime I was working…on a tan. I guess reading Runner’s World motivated me a bit so I did try to run later in the afternoon, which was a disaster and I’m pretending it never happened.

On to the river. There are a few reports that here in Memphis we may see the crest of the river later this afternoon. I wanted to post a few links that you may find helpful information


National Weather Service

Shelby County Office of Preparedness

I’ve asked a few people that have taken pictures in other spots around Memphis if I can post a few of their shots. As soon as I have permission I hope to post them.

Have a good day!


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