mississippi river flood 2011. may 6. 5 days to crest

7 May

Friday was a very busy day on the Island. In hopes to keep water off Island Drive near the round-about workers were bringing in load after load of dirt and building up the road. Let’s hope it works! Island Drive is down to one lane.

Bumper to Bumper traffic over Auction bridge and at the round-about

Stuart and I rode around on our bikes taking pictures until dark!

Ben's Park

Ben's Park

Ben's Park

Wolf River

Marina area. Maria Montessori is right side of the pictures.

Maria Montessori. Sand bags.


Greenbelt Park facing south

Mississippi River

So this guy did kayak up the river! I would be so scared!!!

I've taken a picture here every day! Sadly the bird house has been pushed down by the water.

We also rode to the north end of the Island. The road is currently closed there, and here are pictures of water over the road.

North access closed. Levee to the left of picture

This is Island Place (first road closure that I've previously pictures of) from Island Drive

Stuart's attempt to ride his bike up the levee. (After he had a wreck, flipping over his handlebars. He was obviously ok. I have to admit I laughed a little. Ok a lot).

Stuart took this picture with his phone from the levee.

And finally….

From our fence. May 6th. The water only has a few more inches before it makes it to our fence.

We’re still optimistic that water will not get in our home. A few of our neighbors have received evacuation notices. They are further east of us and we believe it may be due to where their electrical boxes are located. We’re hoping that electricity stays on, but that’s our newest worry.

Thanks for all your comments and calls!! Until tomorrow!


One Response to “mississippi river flood 2011. may 6. 5 days to crest”

  1. Sharon Pickard May 7, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    Wow Alyson. This is bad. Thanks for the pic updates.

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