mississippi river flood 2011. may 4. 7 days to crest

6 May

For you out-of-town readers I thought I would help clear up some confusion, at times the news media says “Harbor Town” or “Mud Island”. Harbor Town is a community on Mud Island. It was the first community built, the remainder of the Island is considered Mud Island. Miss Cordelia’s, Maria Montessori School, and the Arbor’s Apartments are all in Harbor Town. The road Island Place is not. I hope that helps.

On another note, I know I’m repeating 7 days to crest, they are now predicting that the river will not crest until May 11th, not the 10th. I’ve worked 12hrs shifts the last few days so it’s been difficult to find time to take pictures, much less blog them. Here are a few that I took Wednesday evening, May 4th. Bare with me on the quality, it was getting dark.

In Harbor Town

The cottages that are near the Montessori school. Really, really close to getting water in their homes.

Auction bridge

the marina

the marina

the Montessori school is to the left

the marina

This was a little scary. Stuart said he saw the match behind our house.

South end of Island, near the round-about.

South parking lot

Love the Coast Guard, who I'm sure are working crazy hours and extremely hard to keep us safe. Thank You!!!

I've taken this same shot a few days in a row and will post a sequence in my next post.

South parking lot

I hope to get out this afternoon a get a few more. The water has definitely crept up very near our fence, we still continue to take it day by day and are watching the news.

There have been a MILLION people driving to the Island to take pictures of the river. As much as I understand the desire to see how amazing this flood is, all the traffic has added to the anxiety of those of us who live in the community.  People just stop  in the driving lane, put on their flashers and get out of their cars to take pictures. OR they pull over super quick, try to parallel park on a busy street. It’s been nuts! Thankfully law enforcement is now only allowing people who live on the Island access, although I’m sure that’s hard and I haven’t been stopped. They’ve said they were going to ticket people who come over! Hopefully just the threat will help! We’ve even had tour buses!!


Pulling over for pics! With their flashers on.


2 Responses to “mississippi river flood 2011. may 4. 7 days to crest”

  1. Priscilla May 6, 2011 at 4:25 pm #

    Thanks for updated pictures and information. I, too, work 12 hr shifts so can appreciate the effort it takes to get pictures/post a blog when you are exhausted. I think it is neat how your blog about your life has become an information source during these floods for some with loved ones on the island (your blog is more specific and helpful than available media reports). The energy you expend does make a difference for some you don’t even know …

    • alyperkins May 6, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

      Thank Priscilla! That is so nice of you to say!

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