mississippi river flood. may 3. 7 days to crest

4 May

My previous post may have been a little premature, and I have to say the post made by WMCTV made me panic a bit. I was at work and just checked the news and began to stress. This post may be short as I’m beginning to feel that I’m a bit bogged down with thoughts of “what the heck are we going to do” and my emotions are making me a complete lunatic. The Commerical Appeal posted an article (by Tom Charlier) that helped me feel a little relieved, basically saying that there are a small number of houses in Harbor Town (Mud Island) that currently may flood, but that we should all be prepared to evacuate.

On Mud Island, the vast majority of homes in Harbor Town are high enough to avoid any flooding impacts. But several homes along the eastern side, including on Marina Cottage Drive, could experience flooding at least in their storage or garage areas next to Wolf River Harbor, officials said.

“You might have some garage flooding, or you might get some in the home,” Nations said.

As a result residents of that area should be ready to evacuate if necessary, he said.

I think at this point we would all feel blessed if all we received was water in storage or garage areas, or even just a little in our homes. Many people north of us have had their lives turned upside down with all this flooding. I’m just trying to keep my perspective.

As I’ve said our house backs up to the Wolf River, here are some pictures to show how much farther the water has to rise to reach our backdoor.

May 3rd. From the fence in our backyard.

Now from the fence, facing the back of our house.

Please don’t pay attention to the fact that we need to mow and do some yard work (obviously not a priority). On another note, my handsome handy husband got out his hand-held GPS, put on his knee boots and measured the elevation from where the water currently is and how much it would have to rise to reach our back door. 9 – 9 1/2 feet.  As I’ve said in my last few posts we’re not really stressing about water getting in, it’s being cut off from our home that we’re worried about.

Sorry for not posting pictures from the river, today was a long day at work and frankly all the people driving down to the Island to see the flood are starting to stress me out. I may get out early in the morning and take some more.


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